We know very well what are the needs that usually appear in this situation: accommodation, benefits, specific financial aid …

The impact of the diagnosis is compounded by a number of changes that can add more distress and discomfort to what is already there, as the family will have to take on some organizational changes, some very basic such as finding accommodation close to the hospital (in the case of living outside Barcelona), thinking about the care of other children, organizing for food during stays in the hospital or redirecting the employment situation of the caring parents or adults.

Through the social worker, we take on families who have a hospitalized child and those who come to outpatient clinics or outpatient treatment at the Day Hospital of the same service. We welcome families and give all the information regarding benefits and services by making a technical assessment in each case. At the same time that needs are detected and necessary out-of-hospital coordination is carried out, families are trained to mobilize personal resources and follow-up is carried out throughout the process.

AFANOC professionals coordinate with the Public Administration – Social Services, CAPs, City Councils, CADs and schools, private entities and with Associations of Children with Cancer throughout Spain.

The direct interventions are performed in the Oncohematology Unit of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Vall d’Hebron and in La Casa dels Xuklis.

  • We welcome the family and to assess what the priority needs are.
  • It provides all the information that the family may need, in terms of benefits and services (both health, economic, social, labor and educational).
  • We track each family in particular.
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