AFANOC promotes different projects to obtain resources, “ROCK FOR XUKLIS” is one of them and was born with the aim of support musical initiatives that want to put their grain of sand to help all these families and at the same time make visible the reality of young people with cancer from spaces that identify them.


“ROCK FOR XU K LIS” began its journey in 2012 in the Pla de Montbau thanks to an initiative of the neighborhood and since then has passed through such emblematic places as the Sala Apol·lo, the Teatre de la Llotja in Lleida and different rooms such as Rocksound, Vault, etc …


The “Xuklis”, with “K”, are special beings who have the virtue of “sucking” the bad rolls generated by the disease process. Although their name comes from the word “suck”, we write Xuklis with “K” to give them a proper name “K”, because it has much more strength and because the “K” identifies young people.