We present a series of resources: applications, movies and stories that can be useful in familiarizing you with the disease and the hospital environment.



Count & match: Useful application to learn numbers and to calculate while playing and having fun.
My house: Application with which you can play in the house virtually, designing and decorating your own house. It helps to develop imagination, visual perception and fine motor skills.
Series 2: Useful application for learning relationships. Through this application you learn how to sort objects in a series based on various principles such as shape, color, size and quantity.
Pain and learn lite: Application that allows you to learn to count and the alphabet through drawing and painting, as well as being useful for developing fine motor skills.
Bebops: Application that allows to know the different instruments and to organize the orchestra of the Bebops.
CreAPPcuentos: Application that is used to invent your own adventure and create stories in a simple and fun way.
Cuentos clásicos: Interactive application of animated classic tales.
First words spanish: Application that allows you to get started in learning letters and creating words.
A WEBSITE of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya useful to reinforce school contents is the following: http://www.edu365.cat/.

Catapum: Application that allows you to create your own stories in which you can be the protagonist, along with your family and friends. Choose the photographs of the characters and build your own narrative.
Finger Sketch Paint – A pintar!: Applications with which you can draw, both in black and white and in color, using different techniques.
Dragon Math i Juegos de matemáticas: Applications that allow to exercise the memory through the different mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
Apalabrados: Application that consists of a game of forming words combining the different letters available.
Duolingo: Very useful application to learn English and increase your level while having fun.
Quizit Español: Application that consists of a general culture game divided into multiple categories to challenge your knowledge: geography, entertainment, history, art and culture, science and nature, sport and leisure.
Piano Melody Free: Useful application for learning to play songs.

El trivial de Ciencias Básicas: Application that allows you to participate in competitions on chemistry, biology, physics, space, Earth, animals and the human body, among other topics.
Genius Historia: Application in which you have to overcome questions in order to discover the most important civilizations and periods in the history of mankind.
Quiz de Geografia el juego 3D: Application in which you have to answer questions about the different countries of the world, their capitals, territories, flags, official languages and places of interest.
FX Algebrar Solver: Application considered a math assistant in order to help you solve problems whenever you need it.
Duolingo: Very useful application to learn English and increase your level while having fun.
Simple Mind: Application that will help you create concept maps in order to organize your ideas.

If you want to obtain more information from the references set out in the previous sections, do not hesitate to download the pdf by clicking here.



Pain Squad
Pain Squad is the first app developed to make it easier for children with the disease to treat cancer, as it will help them record their pain diaries in a more enjoyable and fun way.


Rads4kids is an application that makes it easier for the pediatric patient to understand how radiation therapy works.


My Hospital
My Hospital is an application in which you can design, organize and maintain your own medical center.




Les aventures del càncer Nueda, V., Barceló, A. (2016). Barcelona: Tramuntana. This is a real adventure. Cancer will cause changes in the home, routines, moods, physical changes, and so on.
El cuento de ThumpyDodge Nancy, G. Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss suport inc. Thumpy is a bunny who suddenly loses his little sister, Bun. The story tells of how the family and Thumpy cope with this loss.
El meu llibre per pintar Roca C. (2005). Editorial Zendrera Zariquiey. Enriqueta Villavecchia. Departament d’Educació (Generalitat de Catalunya). A story to draw and paint where the two protagonists introduce us to their family, home and their experience in the hospital. They explain the whole process of the disease until the time to return home.
Toby y la máquina voladora Zeda, R. AEEC. Simple story that helps the hospitalized child to understand the stages of the disease, feeling identified with Toby.
My brand new leg Rae North S. Lithonia, GA: Northstar Entertainment Group. A girl who lost a leg meets a new friend and shows him all the activities he can still do with the prosthesis he wears, such as running, cycling, or walking.
The Hare who lost her hair Leonard A., Paul Fox, Tom. This is the story of a very brave hare on his journey to overcome the disease, who finds a magical cure that could help him improve, despite some unexpected side effects.
Un cumpleaños Meissner-Johannknecht, D., Kemmler, M. (2008). Lóguez. The twins’ birthdays are approaching and one of them reminds the other that he has an illness that prevents him from moving and he doesn’t live at home with him. For the birthday the two brothers get together and the healthy brother prepares everything.
En el país de los dragones Bermejo, A., Arrufat, T. (2004). Editorial Cuentosamedida. Marta is a girl with cancer and Joan, the nurse, tells her a story about dragons where there is a little one who also has a disease similar to his own. Thus, through fantasy and introducing the girl to the story, she will make her stay and treatment in the hospital more fun and enjoyable.
Carta para un niño con cáncer Kubler-Ross, E. (2005). Editorial Luciérnaga. A simple letter about life and death to answer the questions of Dougy, a 9-year-old boy with cancer.
What about me? When brothers and sisters get sick Peterkin A., Middendorf F. Cancer affects the whole family. This story helps the siblings understand that it is not their fault and that they are also loved by their parents. Feeling excluded, scared, or angry are natural emotions that siblings also feel throughout the disease process.
Gorres per a tothom Baques M. (2011). Abadia de Montserrat. Victor, Joel, Anna and Marina are 11 years old. They go to the same class and are very, very friendly. There comes a day when Victor gets sick: he has leukemia. His friends will not leave him alone and more than ever they will be by his side and above all they will play, they will play a lot to beat the disease.
Me and my brother Gonzalez’s cancer, L. Editorial Litomar. A perspective on the disease under the watchful eye of a healthy child watching his brother’s illness.

A summer to die Lowry, L. (The Sparrowhawk). It tells the story of a teenage girl who goes to a village to spend the summer holidays with her parents and her sister. In the course of the summer he will realize the importance of life due to the progressive illness that endangers the life of his sister.
Tips for young people on the meaning of death Wolfelt. (Diagonal/Grup 62). When you are young, the death of a loved one can be very painful. This book aims to make young people understand this particular pain.
Snails, earrings and butterflies Álvarez González, B., Novoa Martínez, T. Editorial Luis Vives (Edelvives). Idoia is 8 years old and a friend gives her a water clock. Her parents do not remember it being her birthday, as since her six-month-old son died, fear and sadness have been at home. Idoia feels guilty about her brother’s death and has nightmares.
El nen d’ombra Masini, B. (Cruïlla). Des que l’Hèctor, el petit de casa, ja no hi és, a la família no es parla d’ell. Since Hector, the little one at home, is no longer there, the family has not been talked about. Guillem thinks that if his parents saw him too, they might not be so sad.
The honest truth Gemeinhart, D. A novel inspired by Mark, a 12-year-old boy who has cancer and has been receiving chemotherapy since he was 5 years old. His options are running out and he is very lost. His parents and doctors are making decisions for him and he feels out of control as he wants to make decisions about his own life, and these can include death.
A monster comes to see me Patrick Ness, Jim Kay (Sow Books) Illustrated book that addresses a complex issue such as illness and death. Connor is visited by a monster that will help him accept and gradually take over his mother’s illness.
Ways to live forever Sally Nicholls (Crossroads) Sam likes to know. And because he has leukemia, he wants to be informed about what exactly death is. You need answers to those questions that no one ever wants to answer. That’s why he writes a diary, full of lists and questions, explaining his life at home and in the hospital.


My sister Paula Huelva Llamas, C., Vidal Llacuna, R. Claret Kids. Carla, an eleven-year-old girl, explains how she remembers her sister Paula, who was two years older than her.
Freddy’s Autumn Leaf Buscaglia, L. (1988). Barcelona: Urano-Emecé. The life cycle of a leaf from its bud to the tree until it falls after the first winter snowfall.
I will always love you, little Gliori, D. (2001). Barcelona: Timun Mas. An endearing story between Cueta and his mother and a deep theme, the death of a loved one. With delicacy and sensitivity this story explains the love between parents and children.
I have a secret in the sky Menh-Wai, T.Alpina, (Snow Flower). Wei is angry and sad because her brother died on New Year’s Eve.
The duck and death Wolf Erlbruch (Barbara Fiore). A moving story, in which a duck establishes an unlikely friendship with death. A reading to move through silence, words and drawings. A book that can address a difficult topic but in a warm and at the same time direct way.
Grandpa Benji Davies Island (Andana) Leo loves his grandfather. And Grandpa loves Leo. And that will never change. A beautiful and comforting book that shows us how the people we love are always close, because it doesn’t matter where they are.
I am Death Helland Larsen, Elisabeth (Author), Marine Schneider (Barbara fiore). A warm illustrated book about the value of life and an invitation to live in harmony with nature, animals and ourselves. Life, personified with the figure of a young woman, lives in everything that is in motion; in everything and in all we find the force that makes the planet spin.
Beyond the Great River Beuscher, A., Haas, C. (Youth). One day the Hare said to the Washing Bear: I have to make a long journey and you can’t come with me, because I have to go there alone. The Washing Bear accompanied her to the bank of the great river and bade her farewell.
It’s not easy little squirrel Ramón, E., Osuna, R. (Kalandraka) The little squirrel was very sad because his mother had died, he thought he would never be happy again, but life goes on and love will close his wounds.
I will always love you Wilhelm, H. Barcelona: Youth. Story of the deep friendship between a boy and his puppy Elf. After a very happy life together, Elfi says goodbye forever.
Since the death of my brother Munoz-Kiehne, M., Dietrich, G. (2000). Centering Corporation. A child expresses how he feels when he learned of his brother’s death and how this feeling has evolved inside him since then.
A monster comes to see me Patrick Ness (2015) with illustrations by Jim Kay. Honor receives a daily visit from a monster, since his mother began treatment for his illness. This monster will accompany you on the journey of discovering and accepting emotions and the harsh truth.
My sister Paula Huelva Llamas, C., Vidal Llacuna, R. (2012). Claret Kids. Carla, an eleven-year-old girl, explains how she remembers her sister Paula, who was two years older than her.
Birgit. A death story Mebs, G., Martín, B. (2011). The Blue Rider. Birgit has fallen ill, has a tumor on her head, and her sister describes how she lives.
I have a secret in cel Menh-Wai, T. (2015). Alplina, Flor de Neu. Wei is angry and sad because her brother died on New Year’s Eve.
Her pink hair Dana J. A story told from the point of view of a little girl who is witnessing her best friend’s battle with cancer.
A Summer to Die Lowry, L. (1985). Barcelona: L’Esparver. It tells the story of a teenage girl who goes to a village to spend the summer holidays with her parents and her sister. In the course of the summer he will realize the importance of life due to the progressive illness that endangers the life of his sister.
Advice for young people on the meaning of death Wolfelt, et al. (2001). Barcelona: Editorial Diagonal/Grup 62. When you are young, the death of someone close to you can be very painful. This book aims to make young people understand this particular pain.


The yellow world Albert Espinosa The yellow world is a fantastic world that describes the years when the author was ill with cancer. It explains his experience and especially those aspects of life, illness, friendship and death that helped him throughout his day to day life and are still life lessons.
One day Irina Carbonell A.M. (2003). Barcelona: Plaza & Janés. Its author abandons everything when her daughter is diagnosed with cancer.
My son has cancer. ¿What do I do? Ávila J.C., Gómez R., Marín A. (2005). FARO. Guide for parents where information is given about the disease, diagnosis, treatment, possible supports, etc.
Dear parents … And now how do I tell Mom I have leukemia?Tonucci, F. (2004). Editorial Graó. A book that reflects very well, from the eyes of the child, the whole process, concepts and aspects involved in cancer.
Along the way, Documenting my child’s caner journey Hoffman R.I. A resource for parents that provides information about treatments, hospital contact, etc.
Sweet flashes of light To face grief Castro Puig, M. (2017). Plataforma Editorial. In this book we find many of the sparks that have illuminated the author’s path since her son’s death.
Re-living Diary of the first year after the death of a child Castro Puig, M. (2015). RBA Libros. A brave and hopeful witness, who shares with us the grief and comfort of a mother who has lost her child. Nobody understands me. Diez, S., Cunill, M. (2013). Editorial Luciérnaga. Sara has just lost her son in a car accident, a loss she faces with the help of her therapist. In this novel, we go through the pain and fear of losing a child.
¿Do all snails always die? De la Herrán, A. et al. (2000).
Words that comfort How to transcend mourning and love life Castro Puig, M. (2013). Plataforma Editorial. Thoughts and feelings that have helped the author, after the death of his son, to transcend his grief and love for life.
How to deal with death in Early Childhood Education Madrid: Ediciones de la Torre.
Children and Death Kübler-Ross, E. (1992). Barcelona: Luciérnaga. A book about the fears, doubts, confusion and anguish of those parents who are facing a terminal illness or the sudden death of a child.


The Empty Anna Llenas (Barbara Fiore). Julia has a big hole and she doesn’t like it at all. So try to fill it up and cover it in many different ways so that it disappears. Life is full of encounters. And also losses. Sometimes these losses are negligible, but there are others that can be significant, such as losing a project, health, or a loved one. The editorial proposal offers free resources to work from the book.
Emocionari Cristina Núñez Pereira y Rafael R. Valcárcel (Palabras Aladas). Illustrated book that describes and puts words to emotions. It offers a large complementary catalog of activities related to the editorial proposal.
The drop and the cherry Mario Satz and Albert Arrayas (Babulinka Books). A drop of stubborn water to live forever. A wise cherry tree who explains that this is impossible. And the adventure of going inside the tree to transform into a drop of sap. A poetic story about the fear of change, about how transformation is constant in everything around us and about the life cycle.
The tree with no limbs LeeM., Ingram L. The tree without limbs lets the reader know that meaning and purpose can be found in life, even if you lack a limb and offers a high dose of hope for children who have lost some limb.
The colorful monster Anna Llenas (Flamboyant) The Monster of Colors doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s got a mess of emotions and now it’s his turn to undo the mess. A simple and fun story that will introduce children and adults to the fascinating language of emotions. The edition offers free resources to work on emotions.
Elmer David McKee Elmer is not like other elephants. Although it seems hard to believe, he has a thousand colors. But Elmer doesn’t like to be like that, he doesn’t like to be different, so one day he leaves to find a way to become an elephant of the same color as the rest.
I am the life Helland Larsen, Elisabeth, Marine Schneider (Barbara fiore). A warm book about the value of life, an invitation to live in harmony with nature and with ourselves. A life that lives in everything that moves.
Lorenzo Isabelle Carrier’s Cazo (Youth) With simple words and tender illustrations, the daily life of a different child is recreated: his difficulties, qualities and the obstacles he has to face. A book that moves, fills and allows us to talk about differences and difficulties.
I have a volcano. Joan Turu Míriam Tirado (the vine and the handle) Alba didn’t know it, but inside there is a volcano, more or less between the navel and the ribs. Sometimes the volcano ignites and explodes. Then the fire burns everything and Alba suffers and is frightened. But one night a little fairy tells him by ear what she can do when she gets angry, and that trick will make her discover unexpected sensations.
Little ground bird Oliver Scherz Eva Muggenthaler (Lóguez). The story of a mole who wants to fly. His desire to achieve this is so great that he will not stop until he becomes a land bird.
¿Why are we crying? Fran Pintadera Ana Sender (akiara books) A poetic illustrated album that reminds us that tears slowly water us and help us grow, calm us and heal wounds. And remember, too, that we all cry.


Animation campaign on childhood cancer (2016) A girl’s struggle to get back to doing what she loves most, dancing, after implanting a prosthesis in her leg.
Link Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvm7YneAkLg
The Gift (2016) Reflection on the importance of simple things, acceptance and self-love.
Enllaç Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A5WhsRjoCQ
The Tomb of the Skylights (2003) tells the story of two brothers who, after the bombings in their city, must survive alone. This film allows us to work on mourning, which is made throughout the film.
Inside out (2015) It tells the story of a girl who changes her city and has to adapt to her new life. During the course of the film we know the value of all emotions.
Bambi (1942) Bambi is a little deer who sees a hunter kill his mother. From there, she will meet great friends with whom she will discover lessons about love and life.

Under the Same Star (2014) A story about a couple of teenagers who met in a cancer support group.
Red bracelets (2011) Daily story of the stay in the hospital of a group of children and teenagers who meet at the Pediatrics plant due to their illnesses.
Living Forever (2010) Sam, a 12-year-old boy, is passionate about fantasy stories. He has leukemia and although the adults ambiguously answer his questions and avoid talking about some issues, he wants to know everything about death.
Living Forever (2010) Sam, a 12-year-old boy, is passionate about fantasy stories. He has leukemia, and although the adults ambiguously answer his questions and avoid talking about some issues, he wants to know everything about death.
Plant 4ª (2003) A group of teenagers happily manage to make their stay in the hospital bearable and discover in this context the importance of friendship.
Un paseo para recordar (2002) It is the love story of two very different teenagers who live life to the fullest to enjoy every moment that life gives them, as she has a terminal illness.
A monster comes to see me (2016) Connor, 12, lives with his mother, who has cancer. During the process of his mother’s illness, he receives a visit from a monster who will help him accept the situation.
Anne’s decision (2009) Based on the novel by Jordi Picoult, this drama is about illness, the family and the right to decide.
Camino (2008) A film showing the last days of Camino, an 11-year-old girl with a tumor. While in the hospital, an extraordinary event takes place that will make her travel with her imagination and embark on an emotional adventure about life, love and death.
Hidden Beauty (2006) When Howard experiences a tragedy and falls into a depression due to the death of his daughter, his friends devise a very special plan to help him cope with his suffering. In this process, Howard will have the opportunity to speak with Time, Death and Love.