Since 1998,AFANOC has been working with the Paediatric Oncology and Haematology Service of the Hospital Matern Vall d’Hebron, providing care in the areas of volunteering, activities and social work, as well as managing and adapting the playrooms and common areas (living rooms for carers, room for adolescents, fridges, library, lockers and microwaves).

Services at Vall d’Hebron:

Adapting at all times to the age, situation and needs of the children and adolescents and their families and in coordination with the healthcare team, the hospital volunteer team is present 365 days a year. Their task is to accompany them, play, offer them recreational activities as well as spaces for respite and distraction during periods of admission (rooms, isolation chambers and ICU) and outpatient treatment in the day hospital.

  • Popular festivals
  • Birthdays
  • Music
  • Storyteller
  • Crafts and Creativity
  • Art therapy
  • Origami
  • Hospital clowns

The social worker assumes the families who have a hospitalized child, and those who come to outpatient clinics or outpatient treatment at the Day Hospital of the same service. Families are welcomed and given all the information regarding benefits and services by making a technical assessment in each case. At the same time that needs are detected and necessary out-of-hospital coordination is carried out, families are trained to mobilize personal resources and follow-up is carried out throughout the process.

Nursing staff support
Supervision and coaching spaces with the Service’s nursing teams, where it raises difficulties in managing the psycho-emotional situations of children and adolescents and their families.

Coordination meetings
Weekly coordination meetings are held with the entire health care team of the ward and the Day Hospital.

Since 2004, AFANOC has been involved in the adaptation and design of the Paediatric Oncology and Haematology ward at Vall d’Hebron Hospital, creating games rooms, a living room for carers, fridges, lockers and decorating the ward with the creativity of the Xuklis. In 2015, the same floor was remodelled, starting with the play and educational areas and the office of the Association. In 2019 the seats are renewed by the caregivers of the haematopoietic transplant unit.


In 2005, a collaboration agreement was signed with the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, to offer emotional support to families who are in the situation of having a son or daughter with an oncohematological disease.

Services at Sant Joan de Déu
Adapting at all times to the age, situation and needs of children and adolescents and their families and in coordination with the health team, the hospital volunteer team, consisting of 121 people, is present 365 days a week. ‘year. Their job is to accompany them, play with them, offer them recreational activities as well as spaces for breathing and distraction during admission periods (rooms, isolation chambers and ICUs) and outpatient treatments at the day hospital. .

Popular and traditional festivals, children’s birthdays are celebrated, as well as music activities, storytelling, craft and creativity workshops, art therapy, origami and performances by family hospital clowns.

We report on all the services of the association to families who have a son or daughter admitted with the diagnosis of an oncohematological disease.
Intervention with families coordinated by the unit’s psychologist.
Self-care and care sessions are conducted with the professionals involved.
Monthly supervision sessions with the medical and nursing team of the oncohematology plant and the hematopoietic progenitor transplant unit; and individual care in crisis situations.

We help redirect and balance the physiological alterations that affect the physical and emotional environment.

Closing sessions are held in cases of death of the child or adolescent with the palliative care team and other professionals involved who have had contact with the family.