On the long-term sick leave of a child: On August 2, 2011, the CiU Parliamentary Group presented to the Congress of Deputies a Non-Law Proposal in which it asks the Government that, when a child has cancer, a of his parents may request paid leave during hospitalization and treatment. November 11, 2004 the Parliamentary Group of Esquerra Verda, Esquerra Unida, Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds presented a non-law proposal on the amendment of Law 39/1999, of November 5, to promote the conciliation of family life and labor of working people. June 15, 2007 the previous Bill was withdrawn from the Congress of Deputies. On February 12, 2009, the CiU Parliamentary Group presented to the Parliament of Catalonia “a motion for a resolution on the recognition of the right to sick leave of legal guardians of children suffering from serious illnesses, for the duration of their hospitalization.

Below we offer you the possibility of consulting documentation related to disability and reduction.

Children with a long-term illness, such as cancer, often need special educational care to suit their needs.

Every hospitalized child has rights that govern the care provided by health centers. In addition, your primary caregivers may have help that you will also find described in the documentation below.