InvolvedIt is a project that seeks to encourage people with ideas to make proposals that help us spread our work and provide resources. Getting involved with AFANOC means getting to know our projects up close, being in touch and contributing to their improvement. The Involved include proposals of all kinds: sports, musical, artistic, literary, popular, or personal challenges. ¿Did you have an idea?


¡Make us your proposal


If your initiative is viable, we will help you carry it out by making our resources available to you. We’ll provide you with our logo to include in your invitation, share your initiative on our networks to encourage others, and share it with your friends. ¡Together we will network in order to give maximum dissemination and visibility to your project!

  • Organize a dinner, lunch, brunch or breakfast in solidarity with your friends.
  • ¿Is it your birthday and you already have everything? ¡Have your friends buy us merchandise, become partners, or make us a donation!
  • ¿Organize a raffle or an exhibition, do you know artists, are you the artist?
  • He organizes a music concert, a play
  • ¡Organize a race among your co-workers, involve your office!
  • ¿Do you play padel? ¿Tennis? ¿Soccer? Organize a solidarity tournament!
  • ¿Do you like trekking? Organize a solidarity walk
  • ¿Are you getting married and don’t want to spend on the guest reminder gift? ¡Allocate this amount to our cause, we will make you some special cards!
  • ¡Make solidarity next Christmas, give away our products!