The AFANOC youth group is conceived as a meeting place for peers in which to enjoy playful proposals that promote group cohesion and support between adolescents and young people from the age of 14 who have lived close to the reality of childhood cancer, in one’s own skin (in phases of maintenance, controls and / or remission) or in the role of siblings.

In this space, leisure activities always take on a social dimension, which allows them to go one step further than their own fun, encouraging and enhancing the personal and social skills of this group.

Each AFANOC Delegation (Barcelona, Tarragona and Lleida) has a group open which holds monthly meetings in its territory. In addition, there are weekend outings and summer stays in which the three existing groups of young people take part together.

The group is conceived as an open space, where new young people can be added who want to be part of it and where the group of young people itself is the protagonist and takes an active role in the proposals. In addition, leisure adapted to their specific needs is proposed and their connection to the organization and active participation within society is encouraged.


¿Do you want to be part of the group? Contact your reference Delegation and we will explain more: