We offer advice to schools and health centers, from talks and meetings with the teachers involved, as providing educational material.

It is very important that the school or institute stays with your student and therefore has a facilitative and active attitude. Affective bonds with peers and teachers need to be maintained and strengthened in order to facilitate a return to school when the child’s situation can be normalized.

We are aware of the difficulty of the role of teachers and educators, both because of the emotional connection with the student who is ill, and because of the complexity of managing information and support with other classmates and especially. the siblings of the sick child.

We are aware of the importance of raising awareness of the reality of childhood cancer and of educating and training future adults in our society, so we collaborate and participate in research and undergraduate work (baccalaureate and university education).

At the same time, we offer the possibility of tutoring interns, always in agreement with the University and the needs of AFANOC.

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Educational Material