With the area of volunteering, in addition to minimizing the impact of the disease, we seek to facilitate adaptation to the new situation of the family, providing the necessary human support for each moment.

At AFANOC we have the privilege of having a large team of people who voluntarily carry out a task complementary to that of the professional team. The volunteer team is divided into two profiles: the home volunteering, which meets the recreational, educational and family respite needs that each family needs; and the volunteer support to the entity, which collaborates by supporting the delegation in the management and organization of the activities and acts of awareness and dissemination that we carry out.

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Volunteer support for the delegation

There are volunteers who have time and prefer to be able to come to the office each week within a set schedule and be able to perform different tasks in order to support the organization, these can be: support for handicrafts, support administrative and merchandising support.

Volunteering at home

The volunteer who carries out this type of volunteering, carries out tasks of accompaniment, entertainment and playful and / or educational support to siblings or children / adolescents who have cancer.

Depending on the need, it can be activated at any stage of the disease (diagnosis, treatment, remission, relapse or end of life).

Volunteering for events and campaigns

They are the volunteers who provide support outside the Lleida office, being at information and merchandising tables, helping at the Posa’t la gorra festivities, taking photographs at different events, distributing posters, etc.

Volunteering in other towns

We want to strengthen and increase the pool of volunteers in the villages, being people who live in a village in the province of Lleida and with whom we can count when there is a specific event in their territory.

Become a part of the AFANOC Tarragona volunteer team: call 977 22 87 12 or send an email to voluntariattgn@afanoc.org
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