At AFANOC Tarragona we work to offer families the appropriate psycho-emotional support depending on the time and the particular needs of each of its members. We also provide support in the processes of loss, separation and mourning, both for parents and siblings, as well as for people in the family who require it.

On the other hand, we coordinate with schools to advise and inform them of those aspects that generate uncertainty, as well as with hospitals, whenever deemed appropriate.

Within this area we have the “take care to take care” project for the main caregivers. Their goal is to improve their quality of life, offering them a space and time of day to dedicate themselves and take a break from their overall dynamics. The program includes two services:


Massages, reflexology and relaxation techniques

External health professionals conduct individual sessions for those who request it or who are detected and assessed as necessary from the emotional support area.

Yoga sessions

weekly groups for parents. This activity aims to help them cope with the new family situation by creating a positive attitude that will affect the mood of the whole family.

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