The growth that the AFANOC Tarragona delegation has experienced since its opening in 2004 has meant that more and more people, entities, schools or companies are promoting solidarity initiatives on their own to contribute their degree. of sand, to spread our work and to contribute resources to be able to maintain the gratuitousness of the services that are offered in the AFANOC Tarragona.

Help us maintain the free services we offer to families in Tarragona. Make a donation ES18 0182 8366 5602 0003 2516

If you need a DONATION CERTIFICATE, send an email to with your tax details before 30 December.


Involved with children with cancer!: is a project that seeks to encourage people with ideas to make proposals that help us spread our work and provide resources for families with children and adolescents with cancer. They can be sporting, musical, artistic, literary, popular or personal challenges. ¿Did you have an idea?

Set up a merchandising table: you can also collaborate with AFANOC Tarragona by selling our merchandising in an activity organized in your locality or in the entity to which you belong.

Contact us at or by phone at 977 22 87 12 and we will help you make it happen!