The main purpose of the AFANOC Tarragona Communication and Awareness Area is to transmit the values, objectives and services that make up the association in order to break taboos, false beliefs and misconceptions that manypeople still have about cancer today. We offer informative talks to associations, entities, councils and companies.

¡Suit up the Cap!

In 2003, AFANOC Tarragona organized the first edition of Posa’t la Gorra! in the Field of Mars. Its celebration marked the beginning of one of the most consolidated solidarity festivities in the territory, which has been held every year at the PortAventura Park facilities since 2005. In fact, his work to normalize and raise awareness about childhood cancer has spread to Montblanc and Tortosa.

The day of “Put on your hat!” it stars music, the performing arts, workshops, various activities for all ages and, above all, solidarity. A campaign that brings together thousands of people and has the collaboration of families, volunteers, citizens, associations, organizations, schools, businesses, companies and institutions in and out of the province of Tarragona.

Suit Up The Cap!

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