Misericòrdia Domènech Miquel: agreement for the strengthening of the emotional support service for the families of AFANOC Tarragona.


Esmel Teràpies Natural Therapies Center: agreement for the service of therapeutic massages and reflexology to the main carers, in its center.


URV Foundation: collaboration agreement for psychomotor sessions for children with cancer at the facilities of the Faculty of Education and Psychology.



PortAventura Foundation: agreement for the annual celebration of the “Posa’t la Gorra!” Party from Tarragona to the PortAventura Park amusement park.


CEPTA Tarragona: agreement for the dissemination, promotion and help in the “Posa’t la Gorra!” Campaigns


Joan XXIII University Hospital: agreement to carry out activities in the hospital for families with a child or adolescent admitted with a cancer diagnosis.


Rovira i Virgili University: agreement for internships for students at the URV’s Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology.


Gimnàstic de Tarragona: agreement for specific promotion actions


Mestral-Cocemfe Tarragona: agreement for a financial aid on a part of the price of the bus rental service.


In addition to its particular work in supporting families with children and adolescents with cancer, AFANOC Lleida has been integrated over time in different federations and organizations that work on aspects related to childhood cancer such as health, education, disability or volunteering, among others:


FCVS de Tarragona: given that volunteering is a key part in the development and growth of AFANOC, they are part of the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering, the reference platform for social volunteering in Catalonia, and the Coordinator of the FCVS de Tarragona Tarragona.


Tarragona Municipal Disability Council: is a permanent body of citizen participation, consultation and advice for the promotion of actions aimed at improving the living conditions of people with disabilities in the municipal public sphere of Tarragona. It is integrated within the Area of Services to the Person of the City council of Tarragona and has like main function to offer information, orientation and advice to the people in relation with the social resources and to the social performances to which can have access the people with disabilities in our city.


Reus Municipal Disability Council: is a sectoral participation body of Reus City Council, which aims to integrate the participation of citizens and their entities in municipal matters related to disability.


Federació Mestral – COCEMFE Tarragona: is the federation of different associations that work in the counties of Tarragona to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities of physical and / or organic origin. It is the union of wills and work so that these people can achieve the highest degree of personal autonomy and normalize their relationship with the environment.

Tarragona Caregiver Family Support Network: It is a collaborative workspace that brings together all the entities, associations and services, and caregivers that have an impact on the care of dependent people and their families. The main objectives of this workspace are to strengthen the city’s organizational capacity by welcoming, accompanying and supporting caring families, providing advice and training to strengthen the capacity of families to cope with the situation, promoting recognition public and the visibility of the work defending their right to care for and build channels and formulas for collaboration with professionals in the fields of health, psychology, social work, etc. involved in caring for caring families to jointly improve the guidance and effectiveness of supportive responses to this group.