The Psychoemotional Care Area offers psychological support to families with a child diagnosed with cancer at different times in the course of the disease.

The evidence of the emotional impact of the diagnosis, the alterations that involve hospitalization and / or medical treatments in the family, as well as the consequences in the field of psychosocial and educational functioning, among others, justifies the importance of intervene to facilitate the emotional adjustment and adaptation of the sick child or adolescent and their relatives to the new situation. As the emotional impact affects the whole family, the service is offered to any member of the family involved in the disease process (siblings, godparents, aunts …).

In the case of childhood and adolescent cancer, it is essential to start from the specificity of development in childhood and adolescence to understand and respond to the psychosocial needs of these evolutionary stages. For example, information, communication, disease perception, and the concept of death are variables that change depending on the evolutionary moment.


The Psychoemotional Support Area offers support at any stage of the disease, specified in: diagnosis (or onset), treatment, disease-free interval, survival, recurrence, end of life and grief.

The type of accompaniment can be done individually and / or in groups. In fact, in Lleida, we have already started group support and it is giving many good results, as it is important to share the same space where mothers / fathers can open up emotionally with other families.