Activities are organized to strengthen the bond between families in the area and the ‘Compartim’ project is carried out, consisting of a group of parents and another group of teenagers with whom they meet.

Outings, activities and celebrations

In the Demarcation of Lleida, we hold meetings for families in our territory celebrating typical festivities (Sant Jordi, Castanyada, Christmas celebration) as well as leisure and leisure activities aimed at families and adolescents (outings, annual meetings, camps, activities, etc.).

We share the project

The project was born in 2016 by and with the families of the entity framed in the line of action of leisure and leisure. After having carried out an analysis of the reality and having ascertained the need to offer spaces for the mothers of the entity and the young people.

AFANOC Lleida plans, organizes and implements a series of fun and participatory proposals through the following groups:

Family group

Following the demand from families in the province of Lleida who expressed the need to meet, we have created a common space to share the experience lived with other families who have or have had a child diagnosed with cancer . From AFANOC we consider that it is necessary to provide a space to be able to take care of itself, offering a playful resource to all the families outside the hospital context.

Group of youngs

In 2016, there was an explicit request from a group of teenagers to receive proposals specifically addressed to their group. After listening to them, we realized that there was a need to offer them spaces where they could propose and carry out different fun and participatory activities.

Therefore, as a result of this proposal, AFANOC Lleida began work at the end of 2016 and the project framed in the line of action of Leisure and Leisure was born, which aims to plan, organize and implement a series of recreational proposals and participatory encouraging their support for the organization and their involvement within it as future volunteers.