At AFANOC, we are committed to working towards society in general in order to inform and raise public awareness about what childhood cancer is and what it means. Therefore, we offer information, advice and support sessions for different groups and institutions; Town councils, County Councils, associations, clubs and entities.

¡Suit up the Cap!

Since the delegation was launched in Lleida in 2013 and the first edition of the Posa’t la Gorra party was organized in the city a year later, the campaign has been spreading throughout the province with different editions in a total of 8 towns (Lleida city, Balaguer, Tàrrega, Mollerussa, Cervera, Tremp, Sort and soon Juneda), also fulfilling the objective of trying to reach everywhere where there are families with children and adolescents with cancer.

The ‘Posa’t la Gorra!’ Has become an identifying symbol of the entity with which it has achieved, through a playful offer, a wide dissemination of the mission and projects of the delegation of the AFANOC in Lleida. In addition to having thousands of attendees and hats sold in each of the editions, the campaign has also allowed the delegation to weave an important network of collaborators which includes establishments, associations, entities, schools, companies , institutions and individuals from all over the province of Lleida.

Rock for Xuklis

With the aim of not stopping growing and looking for initiatives adapted to different audiences, the RockpelsXuklis campaign was born, a music festival in solidarity with AFANOC and La Casa dels Xuklis to raise awareness through this art and raise funds to maintain the free services for families. Rock for Xuklis began its journey in 2012 in the Pla de Montbau (Barcelona) thanks to an initiative of the neighborhood and since then has passed through such emblematic places as the Sala Apol·lo to the Teatre de la Llotja in Lleida on 2019.

Ponent becomes a reality on April 27, 2019 thanks to the concerns of the group of young people and adolescents of the AFANOC LLEIDA and their need to find a space with activities related to their tastes and at the same time give them the opportunity to transmit the reality of the cancer they have had to live, in the first person or through their siblings, in adolescence. The Teatre de la Llotja hosted the first concert starring Koers, Pastorets Rock, MariPopes and Dancescape and presented by Ferran Aixalà.

Suit Up The Cap!
Rock for Xuklis