Agreement for the annual celebration of the Posa’t la Gorra festival in Lleida in the monumental space of the Seu Vella, provided by the Consortium.


Supply of oil on a quarterly basis to La Casa dels Xuklis for the consumption of the families who are housed and transfer of a space to its winery in L’Albagés.

Moventis: agreement for the transfer of a space to the two bus offices in Lleida city as a solidarity shop of the AFANOC with the exhibition and sale of products of our merchandising.


In addition to its particular work in supporting families with children and adolescents with cancer, AFANOC Lleida has been integrated over time in different federations and organizations that work on aspects related to childhood cancer such as health, education, disability or volunteering, among others:


Given that volunteering is a key part in the development and growth of AFANOC Lleida, we are also part of the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering, the reference platform for social volunteering in Catalonia, and the Coordinator of the FCVS of Lleida .


AFANOC Lleida is one of the associations that is part of this coordinator of health organizations in Lleida. It works to coordinate actions to promote health and healthy lifestyles and to support initiatives to improve the situation of people with a disease.


AFANOC Lleida is also part of this educational network that is made up of organizations and movements from very different fields and that seeks to make the right of all children and adolescents to learn beyond school a reality by guaranteeing the equality of opportunities for everyone.

It is a community participation body for advice, consultation, proposal and participation in matters of social services in the city of Lleida. It works so that the entities that are part of it can have a space of reference that allows a plural and global look and intervention to the increasingly complex social reality of the city.


AFANOC Lleida is one of the four founding entities of Cocemfe Lleida – Terres de Ponent, in addition to being the physical headquarters of the entity in the province of Lleida. The main goal is to ensure the full normalization of people with disabilities.