Being a caregiver means devoting most of your time to being by the side of the sick child, accompanying him / her and taking care of his / her basic needs. Over time, the caregiver may experience physical and emotional wear and tear due to the intensity and complexity of the treatment in one of the children, and gradually their quality of life will decrease.

That is why it is doubly important to take care of the caregiver. In this sense, the massages and reflexology sessions we offer to relatives and people in the immediate environment provide a personal and unique space and time.

These techniques produce: relaxation, well-being, decreased tension (physical and emotional) and regulation of some disorder (insomnia, poor digestion, etc.). With this small improvement in health, the body rests and more energy is provided to continue working as a caregiver. The effect of massage or reflexology can be temporary, but enough to give a new impetus to daily work.

Caregivers may underestimate the value of the care they offer. When they are cared for, they can perceive the importance and necessity of the work they are doing.