This program provides support in the mourning process for families who have lost a child due to a process of oncohematological disease. The scope of the intervention includes the family unit and the school, if applicable.

The therapeutic interventions of the family unit can be done individually, as a couple, as a family and / or as a group of mothers and fathers, according to the needs detected by the professionals who lead these sessions.

Regarding the area that corresponds to the educational centers, the work that is developed is the advice to the faculty to guide the actions that will have to be carried out at the level of the class group and the center, also intervenes if necessary with the classmates and with mothers and fathers to be able to guide how to attend to the grieving process of their sons and daughters for the loss of a classmate.

Specialized bibliographic advice is also available for schools and / or families who request it.

Practical guide to grief care in palliative care

Catalan-Balearic Society of Palliative Care

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A practical manual for dealing with death with children and adolescents

Guidelines for an Educational Action in Grief Processes

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